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Syn Stair [PTP007]

by DJ NJ Drone

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10 Cones 03:23
SYN 555 Zone 03:26
Sharp 04:03


"(B)oth weightless and intensely physical (...) with DeBois arranging his elements like an architect: samurai sword swoops, needling noise and shards of metal and glass appear in three dimensions, as if suspended in silent clearings. Negative space is his most potent weapon(.)" - The Wire Magazine. May 2016: 56. Print.
"Fluted, flickering, fallow, hyper: a pressurized harmony of surging breakbeats zooming through the mutant amoeba goo (...) It purifies the inner and outer, micro and macro, verbal and non-verbal, and extends what that word “club” or that word “DJ” means. It’s, for real, the beginning of something, a foggy glimpse into an underground, with a thing-in-itself eeriness that’s got me locked in, clubbed up." - Tiny Mix Tapes. Web. 17 April 2016.
"DJNJD definitely operates on his own drift: ‘Sharp’ is a cavalcade of synthesis joined by intermittent drum beats, ‘Syn 555 Zone’ is the sound of an amphetmaine rush taking hold of the human bloodstream and ‘Spectral Future Loop’ is a fucked-up jam that pushes warehouse rave music to the outer limit.

Another coup for Purple Tape Pedigree, which is slowly but surely positioning itself as a bastion for club music of an hitherto unknown kind." - "Tunes: Bass." Mixmag. Apr. 2016: Print.
"Across six tracks, DJ NJ Drone designs Blade Runner synths that smear and dart through the atmosphere, filled with other foreign and intergalactic sound effects that pulse and pivot, thereby creating a web of sonics that constantly feel like they are hovering aboveground riding at 150 BPM. Like trance’s heavy and darkly heavenly textures, he subtracts most of the “beat” leaving only the top layers to fill in the frame and emit a sense of urgency and doom. (...) (T)his EP feels eerie, brittle, and funky in unconventional ways, by using space as a key element and dread as motivation. Of all the releases from the label thus far, Syn Stair is the most special, though all of them together create a great start for a new imprint that seems less interested in proper dance floor fodder, preferring to peer deep into a future where the beats never drop -- yet when they do it's a sonic Armageddon." Other Music. Web. 8 Apr. 2016.
"(DJ NJ Drone) clearly takes joy in the unexpected and unpredictable. The panning warp and subwoofer shaking drops of “Syn Stair (No Fountain)” maddeningly secrete the beat, withhold satisfaction while cranking up anticipation. Back in the day, DJNJD cuts like “Sharp” and the cavernous “10 Cones” might have been lumped in with the IDM trickery of Aphex Twin’s Rephlex discography. Indeed, he reveals a possible affinity for Marc Acardipane-style hardcore thump on “Spectral Future Loop,” which to other ears might hew closer to contemporary Jersey club stylists like 4B. Regardless, Syn Stair is a robust record through and through." Vinyl Me, Please. Web. 31 Mar. 2016.
Continuing in a string of releases deviating from electronic club music tradition, Geng's Purple Tape Pedigree presents Syn Stair by DJ NJ Drone. This new body of work finds the New York City producer further exploring frequency and spatial-pressure within the semi-conscious constructs of his “Syn” universe.

Uncoiling at a frantic, 150+ bpm pulse, Syn Stair is a stomach-sinking exercise in tension. Melody comes in the form of arpeggiated synth chatter, dipping through aqueous and distorted states while cutting up octaves in repetition like a menacing chant. Mutant noise, sourced from real world recordings and what lies beyond, punctuates any notion of rhythm as the conceivable drum darts in and out of visibility in this terrorscape. As the A-side focuses on a brooding, weightless approach (“Syn Stair (No Fountain),” “SYN 555 Zone”) with bursts of stop-n-go movement (“10 Cones”) to achieve closer proximity, the flip is where momentum gathers from quickened stalk (“Syn Stair (Blind),” “Sharp”) to pursuit, ending at a punishing 4x4 charge (“Spectral Future Loop”). A chase dream in six parts.

If all modern electronic music were defined simply by sure-footed genre referencing, DJNJD's work would remain a legless hover akin to Orko (of He-Man fame). His music is of polymorphic design: past “juke” and “hardcore” classifications can only be mere scribbles on various torn pages in a larger, tattered collage – the lines upon which illegibly bleed into one another.


released March 25, 2016

Mastered / Cut: Rashad Becker for D&M
Art: DJ NJ Drone
Inner Label Layout: Amad Ilyas


all rights reserved



PTP New York, New York

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