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    Quartermaster # I
    74 Pages / 5.5 x 8.5" / Saddle Stitch Binding
    Edited & Designed By Joe Cochran
    Printed & Bound By Jesse Hlebo
    Edition of 100

    "Information has always been the ultimate form of currency. With the advent of the internet and it’s increasingly integral role in our lives, information is as available as it’s ever been. In our contemporary industrialized world, information has been commodified into spectacle. One must be informed, therefore it is imperative that you are always informed. This has created the
    ultimate spectacle: endless streams of information recycled to fit you, the viewer’s mind. The Algorithm will show you what you want to see. The Algorithm knows you better than you know yourself, or so it goes.

    This is not meant to be an indictment on the world wide web. Without the internet, the Arab Spring and the Umbrella Movement would be footnotes in the stream of history. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s deaths would have never been amplified to the levels we now see them.

    What I cannot divorce from the undoubted greatness of the internet however, is how it is weaponized False information is broadcast daily via social media and our trustworthy “mainstream media”, which is cleaned up retroactively with fine print. Pundits are incentivized to be intellectually dishonest daily, stoking the fears of the citizenry. This is all an attempt to distract us, to delude us. The spectacle is not a manifestation of one person or a conglomerate, it is a manifestation of our hyper-capitalistic system. One that we seem unable to separate ourselves from.

    At the onset of this movement against the Police, I asked myself how I could be of service to the people. I knew that self indulgent art would not help anyone; there had to be a different kind of art, a more collectivist art. This, I thought would be the pathway to informing the masses of what they need to know about the systems that are supposed to exist to protect them. This led me to the Quartermaster project.

    Quartermaster is a monthly journal of vetted research pertaining to the ongoing class struggle. The information housed in these books are collected with the intent to present information outside of the algorithm. It is meant to be a resource for individuals, collectives & organizations to either pool into their own research or begin their own research with this work as it’s starting point.

    I believe that democratizing information and separating it not only from the fluff, but from it’s institutional constraints is essential. We must make the dissemination of information efficient, palatable and available outside of the algorithm. Therefore, I am calling for Artists, Researchers, Academics and Journalists to review this information and see it as a call for you. If there is to be any future, it is of the utmost importance that we enrich the masses."

    With Gratitude,
    J. Cochran, The Quartermaster
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released September 8, 2020



PTP New York, New York

counter-industrial purveyors of weaponized media and information | PTP (aka Purple Tape Pedigree aka Power Through People aka Protect The Peace) is a collective + label

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